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Amalia Mattaör - Moda Acessórios

postado em 16 de set. de 2014 00:25 por Moacir Moreira
Amalia Mattaör
Amalia Mattaör, a comprehensive artist
who grew in the most prestigious houses.

An artist before anything else, Amalia Mattaör has chosen the evening bag to express her creativity.

With her multicultural Slavonic and Latin origins, Amalia has developed a fine perception of the universe and the trends. By tuning her creativity into her surroundings, Amalia Mattaör anticipates and concretizes the needs of any demanding client.

Amalia Mattaör received the Prize for the Foundation of vocation Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet when she was 23 years old. She learnt a great deal from her first years of professional work for the demanding couture houses. Her precocious talent and her solid training have opened up for more than twelve years the doors of prestigious houses such as LVMH group, Kenzo, Technomarine...